In excellent condition and perfect for the small apartment or to fit that small space in need of a lovely bookcase: Vintage Ethan Allen bookcase - Upcycled Mid Century Modern Work Table - Mid Century Modern Silverstone TV - At Betty B's Antiques, 2222 Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington, NC 28401:... Read more →

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From the estate of a local officer who served in both the military and as primary contact between NASA Apollo and Gemini Missions and the various Armed Forces, comes this rare and important original print of the Gemini Spacecraft. Signed by James Lovell, Wally Schirra, Frank Borman and Tom Stafford.... Read more →

Something you rarely see and without a doubt, something you need! A Victorian Child's Fainting Couch. Expertly reupholstered and finished! Perfect for your doll collection or a a conversation piece. Stop in, enjoy our wide range of antiques, collectibles and vintage goodies! Say hello to Lucky, the official Shop Pup!... Read more →